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Varicose Veins
Painless Advanced Laser Treatment
Varicose Veins
Painless Advanced Laser Treatment

No Cuts/ No Stitches/ No Scars
No blood loss
Vascular Veins
Painless Advanced Laser Treatment

Day Care Procedure
High success rate
Vascular Veins
Painless Advanced Laser Treatment

Less Complications
Low recurrence rate
Varicose Veins
Painless Advanced Laser Treatment

Daily routine can be carried out within 48 hours
Can also be done under local anaesthesia
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What are Varicose Veins ?

Varicose Veins are abnormally dilated serpiginous (snake like) & tortuous veins of superficial venous system seen in the legs, They may be red, blue or purple in color.

Note: Varicose Veins are only seen in human beings because of their upright / erect posture.

Why do we get Varicose Veins ?

These are seen in the superficial veins of legs due to following main reasons i.e.,

  • Damage of valves within the veins.
  • Over dilatation of veins/ venous stasis.
  • Improper muscular contractions of legs.

What happens when impure blood gets accumulated in legs ?

  • Blood gets accumulated (stagnated) in the veins and leads to over-dilatation and tortuosity of the veins.
  • Sometimes these veins ruptures & leaks out the blood into the subcutaneous tissue (under the skin) and later turned out into blackish patches.
  • This impure blood contains excess fluid and minerals/ metals like iron etc, which will be deposited in the subcutaneous tissues (under the skin) leading to blackish pigmentation.

The above abnormalities causes following features :

Dr Srinivas Gummadidala Endovascular Surgeon In Hyderabad.


Dr Srinivas Gummadidala Endovascular Surgeon In Hyderabad.

Blackish discoloration

Dr Srinivas Gummadidala Endovascular Surgeon In Hyderabad.

Eczematous Dermatitis


Itching & Burning Sensation



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Who are prone to develop Varicose Veins ?


Software Professional






Police Constable


Traffic Police


Security Guard


Bus Conductor


Sales man



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Old Age

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Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT

What precautions we have to take ?




Resting the limbs





Elevation of Limbs

What happens if Varicose Veins are neglected (Complications) ?

  • Chronic uncontrollable skin infections (Stasis/ eczematous dermatitis)
  • Cellulitis (infection of superficial tissues) / Thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the veins)
  • Healing ulcers would turn into Non-healing ulcers.
  • Wound infections.
  • Blood clotting (Thrombosis) within the veins
  • Sometimes the clot/thrombus may get dislodged and propagate to other places & cause problems in those areas, for e.g. in the heart & lungs.

How to diagnose/confirm Varicose Veins?

  • Clinical examination by Endovascular interventional Radiologist and Colour Doppler test.

What is the treatment for it ?

In earlier days conventional/open surgery was the only choice, where they used to do procedures like Ligation/ Stripping of the veins which was invasive.

Now a days with the advent of laser, the outcome of the treatment is drastically changed.

LASER is the procedure where superficial vein in the leg is punctured with a needle without cuts. Then laser fiber is introduced into the vein through the needle under ultrasound guidance.  After assuring its correct position, firing of laser starts from above downwards occluding the vessel. The vessel then starts shrinking with approximation of its walls over next few days resolving the problem of venous stasis.

Sometimes in few cases, a follow up procedure called SCLEROTHERAPY (ablation of veins by using some chemicals) may be needed to treat the residual dilated varicosities.

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What Our Patients Say

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Dr.Pavan Akhilesh
Dr.Pavan Akhilesh
February 22, 2024.
One of my near and dears had a problem of varicose veins they have met Dr Srinivas Sir he explained the process of surgery and everything very delightfully and quickly Dr Srinivas has very patience and spoke very nicely and the staff is very receiving and friendly. I definitely suggest this hospital for the needy.
Mohamed Ajzas
Mohamed Ajzas
February 21, 2024.
Treatment found to be very effective, recommendable and trust worthy.
kailash nath
kailash nath
February 19, 2024.
I’m Kailashnath Singh, I’m feeling very much better and comfortable in my day to day work from the day undergone treatment. The diagnosis and treatment given to me is very excellent and my pain has gone down in a weak time and now able to walk properly Thanks to doctor. The staff is much trained in their profession and also very soft spoken.
Mohammed Akram
Mohammed Akram
February 19, 2024.
Mohammed Akram.... before comming here I was suffering from pain And red colour on my I'm feeling very much relief.The doctor diognises is very good.i Thank my friend who suggested me to this doctor.
Salma Begum
Salma Begum
February 19, 2024.
Iam salma begum and i suffering from varicous problem one person told me to consult Dr. Srinivasrao now iam satisfy for the treatment and thanks to staff.
Sf M
Sf M
February 6, 2024.
My aunt was suffered due to varicose veins after consulting Dr Srinivas Rao he has given accurate treatment its very effective I recommend this hospital for varicose veins patients
Dinesh Dinnu
Dinesh Dinnu
January 26, 2024.
Iam mallaiah swami i suffering from leg pain for varicous veins one person told me to consult shruthi hospital and iam feeling very well and i thankstoDr, srinivas and staff.
munir md
munir md
January 20, 2024.
I'm. Mrs. Ghousiya begum,I suffering from varicose vein problem one my friend suggest me to consult to Shruthi hospital now I am feeling well and thanks to Dr .srinivasrao sir and staff.
srinivas krishndari
srinivas krishndari
January 11, 2024.
My mother smt. Sayamma was suffering a lot with varicose veins problem for the last couple of years. Shown to many doctors, but no relief. One of my relative told about Dr Srinivas Rao of Shruthi hospital, Dr examined my mother scanning done after treatment mother is now happy no pain thanks to doctor and staff
Shaheen Banu
Shaheen Banu
December 5, 2023.
Treatment is very effective and accurate i was suffering with dragging pain and burning sensation in both legs due to varicose veins now feeling better after using medicine i recommend this hospital for varicose veins treatment

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